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Record Label Proprietors Initiative Ltd/Gte. (ReLPI) is a non-profit organization which protects the interest of owners of sound recordings in Nigeria.

RELPI broadly represents producers of  sound recordings in Nigeria and it is the trade association for Nigerian record companies with members who have common economic interests in the recorded music industry in Nigeria.

How To Become A Member of ReLPI

To become a member, applicant shall complete and submit the membership form below, along  with the following documents:

Certified true copy of applicant’s certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association

Spreadsheet containing repertoire of sound recordings

Evidence of payment of membership application fee

Membership Application fee is N50,000.00

Evidence of ownership/interest in at least 20 published sound recordings

A statement of existing (direct) digital rights licenses to Nigerian digital music service providers including information such as licensee name, license duration, territory and scope

Membership Annual Subscription Fee is N500,000.00

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